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Ebook - Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (English)

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There are sixty four Tantras which contain the Sadhanas of hundreds of deities ranging from the lowest level to the highest level of Para Brahman. These books abound in various methods, restrictions and practices to achieve accomplishment in their Sadhanas. None can achieve all of them in one life. In the entire history of mankind, Sri Ramakrishna is the only one who practiced and achieved accomplishment in all the Tantra Sadhanas in a very short period of time. Hence, Sri Ramakrishna, like Lord Siva, shines forth as the Lord of Tantras.

Publishers : Panchawati Prachuranalu

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In India there is a misconception to consider Tantra as a sort of black magic. This is a fallacy. In the West it is considered as sexual esoterism. This too is far from truth. Tantra is a path that can take the seeker to the supreme soul or God. There are many Tantras available to us. Again, they are divided into many categories. According to one such division, Tantras are of two types, Kriya Tantras and Jnana Tantras.

Kriya Tantras are those which advocate the use of many material objects, sacred Mantra chants, Yantras and methods peculiar to them. By following this path, the seeker will get supernatural powers and visions of deities. Usually such practices are undertaken to get material boons from the gods and goddesses. They belong to the realm of worship of God with form.

In contrast to them, Jnana Tantras prescribe no external rituals.

They are votaries of pure internal meditation on the formless aspect of God

Additional Info

Additional Info

Book Type eBook for Sale
Publisher Panchawati Prachuranalu
Author R Satya Narayana Sarma
Number of Pages 122
Translator(s) No


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