Ebook - The Secret of Sri Vidya (English)

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The aim of this book is to explain what real Sri Vidya is, and how to gather the tools necessary to achieve its highest realizations. Once the matter is understood properly, Upasana can happen as a natural course, depending upon the yearning and dedication of the individual.

Sri Vidya is traditionally called Sri Vidya Tantra. This is the epitome of all the Tantras. It contains practical methods to worship the Lord as supreme Mother of the universe, both internally and externally. In tune with the dictum of Sri Lalitha Trishathi – ‘Mokshaika Hethukee Vidya Sri Vidyaiva Na Samsayaha’, ‘Undoubtedly, Sri Vidya confers ultimate freedom from the cycle of births and deaths’, this Vidya is famous for conferring the experience of indivisible supreme consciousness on its practioner.

It is not my idea to write a 'do it yourself book' on Sri Vidya, which is simply not possible owing to the intricacies involved in its method of Upasana. Like any other Upasana (esoteric secret practice), Sri Vidya urges the seeker to learn its secrets by directly serving an accomplished Guru who is an adept in this sadhana. The devotee is expected to have intense yearning for God realization, purity in thoughts, words and action, blessings of his Guru and the grace of the great Mother to succeed in this esoteric practice

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